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Reservations for groups

Then please note - due to limited capacity, we always process reservations for mor than 8 persons individually. After receiving the so-called Booking Information, you will either confirm or cancel your request according to the current status. Unfortunately we do not have enough space for larger groups and sometimes we have to refuse a reservation :-(

Are you more than 15 prsons in one group? Reservations for those groups  are only possible in our second place Café & Restaurant Palmovka, where we are able to create the right tailor-made environment for groups of up to 50 people. Write us an email at info@kavarnapalmovka.cz.

Thank you for your understanding ;-)

team sicily

You can book by clicking here or in the form below.


The front part is mostly busy and lively, especially during breakfast, lunch and dinner. In short, all the day long :)



In our place you can book two zones. One of them is the lounge, where the environment is usually quieter.


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