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About us

Let us introduce our café and the concept which we operate on the Czech market with. Sicily café was opened in July 2011 to offer Czech customers premium Sicilian coffee. As we are great lovers of good coffee, we were dissatisfied with offer of local market, which is often presented as a "premium coffee" and sold for a high price. Anyone who visited Sicily had to envy local people their espresso. You can enjoy coffee, which has an excellent taste, aroma, and its price is about 30 CZK, in every restaurant or every gas station. We have decided not to passively stand by. We bring a piece of Sicily into the Czech Republic. You can always rely on our premium services and products for a reasonable "Sicilian" price.

We have always argued that we can do business ethically and every entrepreneur can leave good results with minimal environmental footprint behind. We run our café with this approach:

- Café is 100 % non-smoking place;

- Detergents we use in our café are environmentally friendly;

- We buy energy from renewable resources only;

- We minimize waste production and we recycle carefully;

- Most bottles are refundable, no bottles are plastic;

- We prefer products from Czech manufacturers and local producers;

- We Increase the proportion of organic products;

- Cafe is a place for exhibitions, lectures, seminars, etc.


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