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Our desserts are exclusively handmade from honest ingredients. When we run out of time, we bake some of the desserts ourselves, otherwise we cooperate with masters of the confectionery trade from nasladko.cz and we have homemade cheesecakes only from Lucie. The novelty is Mlsná Bára, who bakes the news with joy and love.

According to the daily menu, we offer baked and unbaked desserts according to the season and current inspiration.

Ask us what we offer today :-)


For those who like nasladko.cz :)

This pastry studio offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries, made to order. Lovers of classic recipes and fans of the novelties of the confectionery world will enjoy themselves with us. For us, they bake not only cake classics, but also an inexhaustible amount of gluten-free desserts and cakes.

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Every Cheesecake is unique and Lucie takes the utmost care as if she was making it for herself. He always tries to be the one you remember as soon as you get a taste for something sweet.

Honestly and with the utmost care

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