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Our desserts are exclusively handmade from honest materials. We bake some of our desserts, and we also work with a specialist in gluten-free derby Mybezlepkárna.cz and Petit France bakery craftsmen.

In our offer we have baked and uncooked cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, pannacotta or tiramisu and various fruit cakes according to the season and current inspiration.

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Let yourself be tempted by our excellent gluten-free goodies that prepare for you from the fresh ingredients of Mojebezlepkárna.cz. Manufacturing tools are human hands, so it is from each dessert to feel the love with which it was made. Desserts from the grocery store are:

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This traditional French bakery uses the same production technology as in France. It emphasizes traditional craftsmanship and traditional practice, and HAND MADE means an excellent taste and irresistible scent. Petit France Principles:

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our home-made desserts

When time and space allow us, we prepare for you with love a variety of different cakes and desserts of all kinds. The offer varies according to the season and according to the inspiration our confectioner is in the head :-)